Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Fashion Cycle: and the tandem makes three

Living by a canal as I do right now the ding-a-ling of bicycles whizzing along the towpath has led me to be an unlikely fan and now I have one on my shopping list.

So it's struck me as great timing that there's a relative Tour de France out there of fashionable cycles. Leading the pack is the new collaboration between hip Scandi jeans brand Acne and Bianche recently launched at Copenhagen Fashion Week. And then there was the summer hit from Comptoir des Cotonniers - single bicycle or double tandem for touring a deux. Meanwhile over in NYC another hip Scandi brand Tretorn launched its new SoHo store with a touring bicycle shop stall and then in-store you can buy a fetching yellow and blue Tretorn bicycle as part of the brand's sporting enthusiasm drive.
Is it just me or is a bicycle the latest accessory meets fitness regime meets zero carbon footprint travel option?

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