Thursday, 4 September 2008

Pimp my ride

Fashion fans are clearly getting younger if the new designer collaboration from posh pram and baby accessories brand Quinny and Danish designer Henrik Vibskov is anything to go by. The Danish designer was targeted by Quinny to "jazz up" its image and provide a range of eye-catching designs - Vibskov's somewhat crazy prints adorn the exterior or inside of vehicles such as the Buzz Dreami Pram or Zapp Buggy.

My personal favourite is the Penguin Footmuff (to sleep in please) if only they made adult sizes. As part of the range there is a natty, raver friendly poncho (great for the boat, thanks) and matching umbrella in one of Vibskov's three psychedelic prints.

And what a fantastic shoot for the ad campaign. Describing his inspiration for the range Vibskov says:
"Far away from the city, in a fairytale-like place deep in the forest, a group of odd characters come together. Feeling out of place in the big city, they find solace in playing music together underneath a Magical Rainbow Tree. their music vibrates through the forest, shaking the leaves on every tree and reviving the colours of the Rainbow Tree. As the rain drops start to fall from the tree, they not only colour the instruments, but add an enchanting melody to the music..."

It looks like a bed-time carnival in the dark where the kids have all the fun. Campaign images by Frederick Heyman.

From this back-story, three prints were derived - Mad, Rainbow and Raindrop - which are then contrasted with leather accents and base colours of ecru and black and worked in various ways on the different Quinny products. There are Mad print knitted blankets and penguin beanies while Raindrop contrast Rainbow stripe sun hats, a nappy bag and sunglasses complete the Quinny by Henrik Vibskov collection.

And finally knowing that Vibskov loves a good installation we weren't disappointed with last night's launch party in London where Vibskov created a crazy wooden pram handle-bar cross sticks forest display.

Harrods has the range exclusively in the UK, Colette in Paris and Seven in New York are also stockists alongside the Henrik Vibskov flagship store in Copenhagen. And in case you're wondering these premium rides go for around £900. The colourful creative mind of your baby is for free.


Rollergirl said...

How bonkers. (But I like it.) said...

Where is it possible to buy the pwnguin footmuff?