Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Taking a good look at the footwear on offer at Bread & butter in Barcelona last week there was a real trend for the perennial hunting, shooting, fishing looks of the season. I loved all the wools and texturized fabrications. Hell stick in some sheepskin as an inner lining and you're all set for winter. My favourite was the Woorich and Converse collaboration - a work boot for the Chuck Taylor that says lumberjack boot. The sales rep described the range as a result of Converse wanting to "winterize" its key products.

Captions top to bottom: DMs, Tretorn, Schmoove, Converse

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Rollergirl said...

Oh timely, I wonder if anyone does a removable sheepskin liner that could be added to the shoe on days like these. Hmm, maybe I'll patent that...