Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Acne's Black Sno

Last night Swedish denim brand Acne held its Autumn/Winter 2010 runway show in London with an atmospheric and dark, moody set by Charles Koroly.

With the collection inspired by his sons' love of the Star Wars film Clone Wars Acne founder and creative director Jonny Johansson said it's not such a literal inspiration. "More the colour palate, the feeling and the shapes which inspired me. It is also a collection that continues from last season and an exploration of spirituality and astronomy from the show’s makeup direction to the long, floaty and easy silhouette."

And Acne looks to be following the new mood in fashion for a post-apocalyptic world. This season's collection called Svart Snö (Black Snow) is an exercise in low tech vs high tech, luxe and destroyed, dessert winter meeting black Snow. Fabrics are characterized by draped silks, textural ultra suede, burnt wool, luxurious sheep skin, mesh and kid leathers. The look is enhanced by eerily futuristic metallic make-up and one-off pieces by jeweller Husam El Odeh. It's a mix of new longer proportions, asymmetric layering and protectionist clothing for a brave new world.

The Svart Snö collection was shown in the disused London tramshed with the idea to set the scene for an emotive and unique scent in collaboration with BYREDO, the Stockholm based fragrance house.

Johansson said: “I like to portray rooms, trying to capture a room through scent is super interesting and I always love to remember a relationship with a physical space through the way it smells. We imagined filling a train garage with perfume would be quite a challenge so we created this fragrance for one night only and we hope that you remember this space and this night with our Svart Snö room fragrance.”

Acne is on the money here with the way scent marketing creates an emotional connection with an experience. In this case a unique scent was created for one night only to provide a memory of a fashion show and the creative direction for Acne’s seasonal collection.

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