Monday, 26 May 2008

Fit for a Queen

Pre-pop-up retail is the latest trend in Tokyo, where Franqueensense launched last month with a live in-store preview to pique local media interest ahead of the new womenswear brand from United Arrows' August launch.

The new range is the first launch by new brand development subsidiary Perennial United Arrows, and by way of a two-week (end April) pop-up store on Keyaki-zaka Dori in Roppongi Hills previewing the range to Tokyo fashionistas, they were the first to see the collection on the runway. It was all antique and vintage looks with a contemporary handwriting at the hand of a former Burberry Blue Label creative director Yoshimi Yokomakura. The first real store opens in Aoyama for fall.

Focusing on the latest catwalk trends, Franqueensense offers an array of ‘precious but easy’ fashion apparel and accessories that should satisfy the needs of fashion-savvy, mature women so they say. “The name Franqueensense substitutes ‘queen’ for the ‘king’ lurking in frankincense, and the refined and sublime aromatic substance whose mysterious woody fragrance soothes the emotions and brings a sense of happiness to women,” says the Franqueensense PR spokesperson. “Franqueensense’s highly attractive line-up makes it so ‘easy’ to work ‘precious’ and 'high fashion fun' into your wardrobe.”

What's that? A sense of happiness about shopping? How Japanese. Surely this pre-pop-up activity is just a savvy way of giving fashion-hungry Japanese women a taste of something new and something happening soon. Pre-pop-up action is the new retail buzz just make sure it's live and catch it while you can.