Friday, 18 July 2008

Selfridges: Cubed Futurism

Trust Selfridges to be fastest off the blocks - literally.  To welcome the new season with open arms at the same time as kissing goodbye a record summer sale the UK department store launched its new autumn/winter designer collections earlier than ever last week with a brand new Cubism Futurism window and in-store VM display. 

One of their best yet this creative smacks with visual impressiveness at the same time as inspiring a colourful and graphic new season wardrobe wishlist among us all (think Balenciaga, Jil Sander, Prada, Matthew Williamson, Louise Goldin) . The theme is steeped in flourescence and stark contrasts between black and alternate primary colours with the design celebrating the futuristic looks seen across many of the designer collection in-store a spokesperson says. 

In their seasonal statement the retailer said the launch was two weeks ahead of schedule due to the "fastest selling season on record" - with some items already having to be re-ordered. 

Check out these windows for high visual impact and how they make the cubic trend work across graphic, VM and retro-futurism design appeal.

Such drama in the name of fashion: "Cubic Futurism is also an apology to the comeback theme of the Super Heroes (think Dr Who on acid, Heroes, Tron, Speed Racer, etc." And all this while the Rubik's Cube races get faster and faster on  You Tube. How fast can you go?